Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tis the season......

.... to be sewing! I have been very busy sewing lots of nice things to give at Christmas. Unfortunately I can't post pictures yet in case anyone sees them at it spoils the surprise!

I can post these ones though. First is a toy pouch for my nephew to carry his dolls around in (modelled by my youngest in the picture). Just a simple fleece one. His big sister already has a toy ring sling but I have a request for a toy buckle carrier for her as well - we will see if I get time to make one!

Secondly is an apron and oven mitt set for my mother-in-law. I can safely post about this as they don't own a computer so won't see the pictures. It is the same butterick pattern I used for mine eariler in the year. I really like making now I have figured it out! It looks a bit odd on my dress form but I think that is all the extra padding I added has slipped down a bit recently!

ETA:- The fabric for the apron is called Rose In A Round from the 'Doll Dresses' collection by Holly Holderman of Lakehouse.

I also made a matching oven glove. It a bit on the petite side but that shouldn't be a problem as she has little hands like me. (please excuse the pen marks on the picture I haven't washed them off yet!)

I can't wait until I can post about the rest of the things!

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