Monday, 11 May 2009

No 3 off the list and a lesson learned

I decided to tackle my apron next. It is a Butterick See & Sew pattern that is supposed to be easy (B5125)
I have had this pattern for a while and attempted to make it some time ago but couldn't get it to work so left it un-finished in frustration! So when I decided to make it again I thought I would use some of my stash fabric that had been given to me just in case I got it wrong again.

Well this time it worked and I found out where I went wrong - I didn't read the instructions properly and had missed cutting out 2 facings! (oops!) So this time having the right number of pattern pieces I finally made it! So, lesson learned - check your pattern and cut out the right number of pieces!

I think I could have made it smaller (I cut out the large size) I will try and get a better photo when I have someone older than my 3 year old to take the picture!