Thursday, 3 December 2009

I don't just sew.

I occassionally branch out into other crafts too! I couldn't post about these before as they were made for a gift for my sister. She is teaching herself to knit so I thought I would make a few knitting related goodies to go with her birthday present. So I made a row counter bracelet and some stitch markers.

It has been a difficult couple of weeks recently with family members in hospital so I haven't had much time to get any crafting done. I have started some more of the Christmas presents but I will not be able to post pictures until after Christmas so I don't spoil the surprise!


Skooks said...

I wish I knew how to make jewelry as it were, because I have a knitting buddy that I would love to make something for. Something just like this . . . did you just make it up, or did you find tutorials or inspiration from somewhere?

Jeanette said...

Oh Mary, I love that first bracelet!
I'm sorry there has been a family illness, hope all is well now?
Fancy popping over for a cuppa sometime before Xmas?

mary said...

Skooks - I made row counter bracelets before using this tutorial but got the inspiration for this one just by googling for them. If you google stitch marker tutorials there are a few different ones out that are really good.

Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

Great stuff Mary :)