Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fancy Dress

Today my eldest was invited to a fancy dress birthday party. He loves an excuse to dress up as superhero of favourite TV character. At the moment Ben 10 is flavour of the month and of course whatever the eldest one has, the youngest has to have as well!

We didn't have that outfit and I refuse to pay £15 for a dressing up outfit that is just a white t-shirt and green pants especially as both boys wanted one (I'm glad I didn't buy it as I have now been told the sizes run really small and the top ends up looking like a cropped top!)

So what's a crafty mum to do but to make the outfit. Luckily it required very little outlay as I was given a huge amount of green fabric from Freecycle a while ago, I had a pattern that I adapted for the trousers so I just needed a couple of white t-shirts (Tescos value) and black fabric paint.

I used Simplicty 3997 Costume pattern for the trousers and just added pockets to the side of the legs to look like cargo pants. Then I just painted the black lines on the t-shirts, simple. Both outfits cost a lot less than 1 of the shop bought ones and I have 2 happy boys.

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