Friday, 23 July 2010

Newest machine!

singer 185K hand crank, originally uploaded by scary_mary.

It seems a bit strange calling this my newest machine seeing as it is older than nearly all my other machines! (and that makes it sound like I have a huge collection of machines! I don't have that many, really!)

It is a 1958 Singer 185K hand crank machine that I was lucky enough to find at a charity shop. It has it's original case but unfortunately it doesn't have any addtional feet although I know they can be picked up on ebay.

I bought the machine because my eldest son wants to learn to sew and I thought this would be a nice machine to start on. I would have used my nan's old hand crank machine that I learnt to sew on but it needs restoration.

My son has already had a play on it so now I need to find a nice easy project we can do together.


A Time for Stitching said...

How lovely that your son wants to learn to sew. Would love to see what he makes!

Skooks said...

I love that your son wants to learn to sew. :) What a great machine for him to start his lessons on!