Saturday, 22 May 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Everyone has heard about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle these days, recycling is seems to be something trendy to do now. Strange thing is, it is what we have always done, not everyone like the disposable society. People never used to just throw things away because they had no use for them anymore, if things got broken they were mended, worn out clothes were cut down to make something else or used for rags if they were at the end of their life. Things were often passed on or sold on, remember wearing many clothes passed down from my brother and going to many a jumble sales when I was young.

The sewing forum I am a member of have a spring challenge to up-cycle 3 items (up-cycle seems to be the trendy word for recycling but I hate it!) I do a lot of this in my sewing, I re-use fabric from our clothes that are worn out to make lots of different things. I have even been know to find things in the charity shops just to make into something else! My problem has been trying to narrow it down to just 3 items - I have felt quite inspired by the challenge! I haven't finished all the items yet and I am not sure which ones I will post for the challenge but here are the first couple.

First thing I made was a shirt for my youngest.

It was originally a mans XL shirt that was given to me sometime ago, as you can see from this photo when my brother first gave it to me! It is the same child in both pictures! (he is 1 in this photo!)

Then I made a simple cushion cover from a shirt - I love how easy this is to do so maybe making more!

I am currently working on some Thomas the Tank engine pyjamas which have been made from a pair of curtains! Hopefully I will have them ready to post about tomorrow.

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