Sunday, 25 October 2009

Gearing up for winter.

There is definitely a chill in the air now here and after a depressing time trying to find my eldest son a "nice" dressing gown (they are either covered in characters, or in camo fabric or skulls which my son hates!) I decided to tackle the problem myself!

It was a fairly straight forward pattern (one I could actually understand!) Butterick B4652. I did the smallest size from the packet which was age 7 (as he will be 7 next year) but as you can see there is plenty of growing room! I left the pockets off as requested by my son.

On the whole I was pleased with it (although I was rushing so it could have been a bit neater) until I was finishing the sleeve. That is when I noticed a fault in the fabric - a line of several holes! I was gutted! This was brand new fabric not a seconds and it has several holes in it! I have checked the rest of the fabric and there are holes in that too.
I will be complaining to the shop!


ruby said...

great dressing gown, love the fabric, I may be inspired to make one for my youngest boy as he has taken to wearing my bright pink one much to the amusement of his brothers!!

Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

lol Ruby,

Looks really cool even with holes. xxx