Saturday, 29 August 2009

Sewing again!

I have had a bit of a sewing slump recently. Partly caused by the school holidays because I am busy looking after my boys and partly because I have gone back to work part time and no longer have any child free time in which to sew except when they have gone to bed.

I decided to join in a sewing challenge over at The Sewing Forum to make a sewing caddy made from recycled items or items from your stash, well I have plenty to choose from!

I decided to make a bag to carry things in to the sewing group I go to (also found through the sewing forum) and I adapted the crafty carry case pattern from Sewing World March 2007. The original design is good but there is a problem with the pattern in the magazine that when you enlarge it by 250% (like it says in the magazine) it is still too small. So I had to try and calculate all the measurements from the final measurements and the sizes given to cut the pocket pieces from.

This is what I ended up with:-

The outer is made from a pair of jeans and I made the handles from some dowel rod that I had left over from another project.

Inside has 1 large pocket on one side and then I changed the pockets on the other side so I now have: a tool pocket with slots for pens/pencils, seam ripper etc Then down the middle is a strip of elastic to hold my needle case and pin cushion and threads and then a vinyl pocket.

The pin cushion and needle book were made from selvages inspired by the Selvage blog.

I have the itch to sew again so hopefully it won't be as long until my next project gets posted here.