Saturday, 25 July 2009

Holiday sewing

While spending all that time doing the sewing for the fair I neglected to keep up with my own sewing projects (oops!) so now I am hastily trying to finish all the sewing I wanted to do before my holiday.

Firstly some spare "piddle pads" for the car seat for my youngest son. These were easy to make as I already have a Wetec one that I simply copied using my own fabrics, in this case 2 layers of flannel (from an old sheet) and some PUL.

I also made a drawstring bag for the Potettee portable potty I have been carrying around since my youngest potty trained! The plastic bag it was supplied in fell apart recently. It has a main drawstring pocket and then a smaller pocket on the front for extra liners.

And lastly a cutlery roll, we are going camping but I like to use proper cutlery instead of plastic ones so I whipped up this quick roll to keep them all together. This was the easiest thing to make as I used a tea towel so only had to sew the divisions between the cutlery and then sew a ribbon on to fasten it. The top just folds over to stop anything falling out and then you roll it up and fasten it.

I have a couple more things I would like to finish if I get the chance!

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Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

Love the cutlery roll, great idea!