Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My sewing to-do list

I frequently have a long list of things I want to sew. Surfing the net, reading blogs and forums I come across so many inspiring things that then get added to this never ending list.

To try and keep myself focused I am going to put my list on-line, then I can cross them off as I do them! Hopefully this will keep me more on track!

So in no particular order:
  • Removable sleep hood for a Mei Tai (for a friend of mine)
  • Onbag baby - although I don't carry my son any more I do still need a good bag for days out that can fit lots in and doesn't hurt my shoulder.
  • Spring top - just because I am intrigued to see if I can make something wearable for myself! I think I might miss out the ruffles and pockets though.
  • Buttercup bag for my mum
  • Highbrow hobo - using some of the apples fabric I got recently.
  • Appliqu├ęd / stencilled tops for youngest son
  • Travel jewellery roll
  • Rucksack for my friend
There are a few other things that I want to make as gifts for people so I can't list them or it would ruin the surprise.

I will probably keep adding to the list as I come across things on the internet but hopefully not before I have started crossing some of these off!

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