Friday, 17 April 2009

Easter Break sewing

We have had a wonderful Easter break, my husband has been off work for a couple of weeks so even though it was the school holidays I have managed to get more sewing done than usual as well as a few jobs around the house. There is nothing better than a spring clean and making new things!

I have been partly inspired by all the lovely weather we have been having recently and partly by a desired to work through my to-do list (not an easy task as things keep getting added to it on a regular basis!)

So here are a few of the things I have been working on.

An apron for my mum, she chose the fabric from Ikea and picked the pattern from this tutorial

After that came Easter sock bunnies for the boys.

Bed tidies for both boys beds (it is actually tied to the wrong end of the bed on this picture but is just to show it better - it is hard to get a good picture of it on the other end as there is not a lot of room)

And today I finished my first fully lined curtain! It is only the second time I have attempted curtains and I am quite pleased with them! I don't know why I always thought I couldn't make them, now I am itching to do some more! This one is for the front door (it gets quite drafty in winter) and I am planning on making one for the back door as well.

I am even more please because the fabric I used was a bargain, it cost £5 for 2 cutains. It was in the sales section of a local DIY store and it had no size info on it (the original packaging was missing)but I could tell they were long curtains so I bought them with the intention of making bags out of them.

When I got them home I decided to use them in the house instead as they were so pretty! They were pretty long, I have had to chop quite a bit off including a solid red border at the bottom (I was in too minds about keeping it) Here is a close up of the print and border.

I have a few more things planned for tonight (if the kids go to bed without a struggle! LOL)


Jeanette said...

I love that apron! The curtains are great too, very nice fabric.

Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

I neeeed that Ikea fabric!!

You have been busy! xxx