Monday, 27 October 2008

Bags I have been working on

My hobo bag pattern adapted from this one I have seen on-line (that is available for commercial use)
I am not totally happy with my versions, I can't get the strap attachment neat enough (or maybe I am just being too picky!) Maybe I will try skipping the rings?

I am not happy with the pattern placement on this one. It should be centred.

This last one is my favourite fabric.

Gold clutch

I really need to work on getting better photos as well! So if anyone has any suggestions on this it would be great!


Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

Love the bags! Especially the clutch!! Clutch bags are so glam.

For photos try creating a 'set' or stage for you bag. So set it up like a still life with other complimentary objects. So maybe on the coffee table with a nice lipstick, diary or book in co-ordinating colours, and a pair of gloves. Try to pick objects in matching colours, but different sizes, textures and shapes. And try to angle the view to block out the mess in the background! Or is that just me? lol xxxx

Jeanette said...

You know I love your hobo bags,and that clutch looks great too, love the asymetric flap.
I know what it's like to be too picky. Sometimes I find it helps to leave completed items to one side for a day or two, then go back and take another look with fresh eyes.
Remember, you see your work in way more detail than most people.

And LOL Ann Marie, I try to hide the crap in the background too!

mary said...

Hi Anne Marie,

Those are great tips for the photos thanks! One of the problems I have is there is so much mess in such a small house it is hard to block it out of the pics! LOL

I am having a rest from the bags to sew some other things as I had an idea for something and want to have a go at making it while I still remember. Hopefully the bags won't look too bad when I go back to them!

Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

They say - A change is as good as a rest!