Monday, 15 August 2011

Summer holidays and Pinterest

We are well into the summer holidays now and the weather hasn't been too bad so we have managed to spend plenty of time out doors, although that means I have had less time to sew pretty things like this scotty dog, which was a present for a friends little girl.

Another thing stopping me from sewing is Pinterest. If you haven't been on the site already, it is like a virtual pinboard! Anything you see on the internet you can "pin" to your boards so you can find it again easily (much easier than bookmarking web pages) The only problem is there is so much on there! You can easily loose yourself while browsing everyone else's boards!

The plus side is that it has provided us with lots of inspiration for keeping the kids busy during the holidays. The biggest hit so far has been the super giant bubbles!

I am hoping to get back to sewing soon, the kids are staying with the in-laws this weekend so I will have a couple of days free to sew!


Jeanette said...

OMG!! We have to try those bubbles!

Manohar singh Akeli'B' said...

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