Friday, 8 April 2011

Teaching the next generation.

My eldest son, Sam, has been asking me to teach him how to sew for a while now. Previous attempts have not been very successful so when I bought a kit to sew your own Easter bunnies I didn't expect it to go well. I was happy to be proved wrong.

Sam cut out the paper pattern and then the felt by himself. He embroidered nearly all the face himself (I did one eye to show him how to do French knots) I threaded the needle and started him off on the blanket stitch and tied knots for him but the rest is all his work.

He is quiet happy with his bunny he has made and is now asking if he can make something else, trouble is I don't know what to try next!


Jeanette said...

Cute! Sam did a great job. x

A Time for Stitching said...

Very impressive. Blanket stitch isn't easy and the face is very good! I hope he's got the bug!
Teresa x