Sunday, 7 February 2010

It is always going dark... the time I have finished sewing so it is impossible to get great pictures! Today was a day for being re-inspired for applique tops! After making lots and lots of appliqed tops in the past I had a bit of a burn out and didn't touch these tops I bought to do for Joe nearly a year ago!
As part of the stash busting I decided to have another go.

I was inspired by the tops on the Make it and Love it Blog that I have just discovered and the "celebrate the boy" month over on Made by Rae, making sure our guys don't get overlooked in the crafty endevours that are on the net.

So apologises in advance for the bad lighting on the photos and onto the pics!

Argyle style applique, I like this one and can see some more variations of it in the future!

A superman top for his current superhero obbession!

A snails top - I got the cute snail fabric before Christmas to make PJ's for my nephew! (I haven't made them yet!)

And a picture of the snails top reluctantly being modelled by Joe! Along with the green pants I made today!

Although I didn't clear much of my stash of fabric making these at least it was another thing to tick off the list!


A Time for Stitching said...

The tops look great. I especially like the snails! What a great way to add interest to plain tops.
Teresa x

cindygert said...

These are great Mary!! I love the snails. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your new blog background!! Wish I came up with it myself!!


mary said...

Cindy - Thanks, the background is from Blogs and Blings.
I am not technically minded enough to do something like that myself!