Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The thaw.

The snow that fell last week is melting. The worse weather the UK has had for years is easing, in typical UK weather fashion the weather has jumped from sub-zero temps to very mild very quickly.

While we have had the snow I haven't done a lot of crafting - it was too cold in our house at night to do anything other than relax under a throw on the sofa! (the disadvantage of having a Victorian Terrace is that they can be draughty!) I did make some simple fleece hats and scarves out of scraps I had left for a charity.

I have been thinking about the projects I want to do this year - as usual it is a very long list and I know by the end of the year there will still be things I haven't done as I get easily distracted! I tried compliing a list but it got too long.

I think I will try and get a couple of birthday presents made first before I do anything else then maybe make something just for me for a change. I always seem to be sewing for other people but don't make much for myself, maybe I can finish the bag I started to make last year!

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