Sunday, 24 January 2010

100 day craft burn

I have accepted a craft challenge over on the Baby Wearer forum (where I spent a lot of time when my son was younger - now I tend to just browse the DIY section) The idea is not to spend any more money on any crafts for 100 days from Friday 22nd Jan (essentials like needles and thread are allowed though)

A stash busting challenge is something I have needed to do for a while as my fabric stash has got a bit out of hand recently! It will also encourage me to complete any works-in-progress (hopefully!)

This is what I have started with, 2 car caddies as presents for a party Joe went to yesterday. I used the Homemade by Jill tutorial but made the it a little taller and the road a little wider this time.

I also finished this mini quilt from this tutorial. Unfortunately I couldn't print on the fabric with our printer so had to trace it (mine looks a little bit different because A4 paper is different to the standard size US letter paper) I did mine with a variegated purple embroidery thread which with hindsight doesn't look as impressive as I thought it be! It is a long time since I have done any embroidery and it shows!

I definately need to improve my hand sewing skills so I think I may be doing this again with different fabric and brighter coloured threads!


A Time for Stitching said...

100 days of not spending on new crafting stuff is a great idea. I think it encourages more creative ideas when limited to what is on hand.
Teresa x

Skooks said...

I love this idea (I'm a TBW mom too!) Makes me feel like I've already started to participate too since I just made a couple dresses for my daughter this weekend out of T-shirts I had around the house. 100 days seems like an awfully long time though. ;)