Thursday, 25 December 2008

Finally I get to post some pics of the presents I made!

I must admit a few things did get knocked off the list as I ran out of time but they will keep for birthdays or next year!
Please excuse the poor pics it was late when I finished these so the lighting wasn't great.

Cushion for my mum (I had problems with the gift I was going to make so I am going to do that for her birthday in a couple of weeks)

This is a free Amy Butler holiday pattern

It is supposed to be made in felt but I didn't have any so I used fleece, I think it turned out well.

My dad's reusable lunch set, 2 sandwich wraps and 2 sandwich bags

This is the fabric I had printed at Spoonflower, I managed to salvage some of it but there are still a few areas where the print is blurry.


cindygert said...


These are wonderful. I love hand made goodies. I love that pillow. Looks great in fleece.


Jeanette said...

That cushion is gorgeous! And the sandwich wraps are so cool!

Ann-Marie Dewhurst said... them!!That fabric is great!!!

mary said...

Thanks everyone!