Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Why am I so nervous?

I have been planning the Etsy shop for a while now and although I have struggled to build up stock due to other commitments, poorly children and busy life in general I do have some things made ready to stock.

So why do I keep putting it off? Why am I so nervous?

I began a post tonight for a toy carrier twice and deleted it! I just need someone to kick me on the butt and tell me to just get on with it!

Is is always this nerve wrecking when setting your own shop up?

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Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

LOL..I think it's fear of the unknown, failure...that no-one will buy owt?
I 'sneaked' my stuff on and slowly let it be known.

I just think that for the sake of 10p...even if nothing's not much of a waste of money lol. And these are things you have fun may as well be available for other people to buy.

Plus it's an advert for what you CAN make, so even if the products don't sell...someone may want to order a custom made item.

Opening the shop is literally the can then tweak and see what sells and what doesn't and constantly try things out to see what works.

Good luck and GO FOR IT!