Sunday, 30 November 2008

Every cloud...

I was supposed to be doing some baby wearing training today but due to illness it was cancelled so as I was supposed to be out today any way, I left hubby to look after the kids while I caught up with some sewing.

I got cracking on my secret Santa gift that I am involve
d with on one the forums I visit, unfortunately I can't post pictures as I don't want to give things away! I have also been making more felt food for my niece which has been great fun! I can't wait to post pictures of it.

I also got round to listing some more items on Folksy and Etsy!

I decide to donate 50% of the sales price from this carrier to Slinging in the Rain.

It is made from a piece of Didymos waves wrap that was dyed. It was donated to the sling library by one of the founders of the group but I didn't need such a large piece so some was used to make the Onbag for the raffle for the groups family day and some used to make this toy carrier.

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