Thursday, 18 September 2008

More appliqued tops for the boys

Ever since I learnt how to do applique on T-shirts from this tutorial I have been hooked!

I love the kids having something different as I get fed up of all the t-shirts in the shops that usually have things like "I'm a monster" for boys and "I'm a princess" for girls.

It can be hard to find packs of plain t-shirts sometimes to do these. The ones I used for these were from Tesco's and I carefully unpicked the breast pockets off them. I have had them for a while waiting for inspiration to strike but after my youngest one saw the whale one I did for his cousin he asked for one the same too.

Then on the next one I did a spaceman. He is a little bit wonky and the stitching on one side isn't as good as I didn't realise the stabiliser underneath didn't quite reach to the hand.

I am wondering if I should add something in the bottom corner to balance the image out?

I do have a third one but he wore it before I took any pictures and it is awaiting washing (I't may be waiting for a while as our washing machine has broken down)

Off to plan what to do for my eldest boys tops. He has requested and Ugly Doll one and Elmo.

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