Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Toy Carriers

I first discovered babywearing when my second son was 8 months old, I wish I had know about it sooner, it would have made life with a newborn and a toddler a lot easier. It so liberating being able to carry him comfortably and be able to ditch the pushchair. I could go into shops easily, I didn't have to wait for lifts I could just go up stairs and escalators with him. It was so nice to be able to interact with him, be able to point things out he wouldn't have seen from down in a pushchair.

Most of what I learned about babywearing came from going to slingmeets. I met lots of lovely people there who have now become friends, one of whom now lives abroad. They have been over here for the summer but they are due to return soon so I made these as a gift for my friends little girl. (I made her a toy Mei Tai and Ring Sling last year)

Modeled by my eldest son (my youngest just ran away when I asked him to model!)


Buckle carrier (inspired by my Connecta Carrier)

If you want to learn more about babywearing click here.


renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

those are awesome!!! DS looks so cute! he'll be a great BW daddy someday. ;-)

i need to make a toy carrier for twilli. she keeps trying to wrap my pods around herself. hehehe

Jeanette said...

Woohoo Mary, you have a blog!

mary said...

I thought it was about time I started one!